Customer Pays For Items Before Shooting Cashier

Story ByAna LacasaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

Video Credit: CEN

This is the shocking moment a gunman pays for his items before turning to casually shoot the cashier in a supermarket.

The incident took place at a Chinese supermarket in La Matanza in the eastern Argentine capital Buenos Aires and came just three days after a death threat note was pushed under the supermarket’s door.

According to local media, a threatening note written in Chinese – apparently for ‘protection money’ – was pushed under the door several days before the shooting.

Pictures Credit: CEN

The note reportedly gave the supermarket owners three days to pay 30,000 USD (22,860 GBP) or they would return and kill them.

In the black and white CCTV footage of the shooting, a heavyset man is seen paying for his items at the counter while partially-disguised in a hat and sunglasses.

He receives his change from the Chinese cashier and turns to leave.

However, he spins on his heels, takes out a gun and cocks the weapon.

He then casually shoots towards the cashier’s legs and walks out of the store.

The Chinese worker appears stunned by the shooting and it is initially unclear whether he has been hit.

Meanwhile, several colleagues rush out after hearing the gunshot.

The victim, identified as Yan Sung Ming, was rushed to the nearby Hospital Santojanni where he is being treated for the bullet wound.

According to reports, the Chinese worker did not want to report the incident to the authorities out of fear of retribution.

Prosecutor Adrian Arribas is heading the ongoing investigation. There have been no arrests so far