Criminal Gang Execute Young Man Over Mickey Mouse Shirt Associated With Rival Group

A young man has been shot to death by an armed criminal gang for wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt allegedly because they associated the design with a rival group.

Alisson Cerqueira Nascimento poses in undated photo. He was executed after being seen wearing a ‘Mickey Mouse’ shirt in Cabucu, Brazil. (Newsflash)

Victim Alisson Cerqueira Nascimento was reportedly confronted by six members of the criminal faction BDM (Bonde do Maluco), on Church street, in the municipality of Saubara, in Brazil, at around 12:25am on 3rd January.

The young kiosk worker, who was said to be 18 years old in some local media and 20 in other outlets, was approached by the armed group over his Mickey Mouse shirt, allegedly a symbol used by another rival gang.

According to reports, they demanded he remove the piece of clothing, but he refused.

He stated that the shirt was a gift from his grandmother. And despite offers of another blouse from those nearby, Alisson insisted he would not remove it.

Major Marcos Davi from the Military Police stated that the six men decided to kill the young man after his refusal.

Davi said: “Six individuals arrived, told him to take off this mouse shirt, which is Mickey.

Picture shows Mickey Mouse, undated. The young man, identified as Alisson. Was wearing a shirt with a drawing of the famous character ‘Mickey Mouse’. (Newsflash)

“The victim said that his grandmother had gifted it to him, resisted, and some bystanders even asked him to take off the shirt or change it. But he said he would not remove it, so the men executed him.”

The case is under investigation by the Civil Police, and as of now, no suspects have been arrested.

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The body was taken by the Department of Technical Police (DPT) and forwarded to the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML).

In Brazil, the military police are in charge of prevention and the civil police oversee investigation. Both fall under the jurisdiction of Brazil’s 27 state governors.