FACE TIME: Killer Who Claimed Self-Defence After Stabbing Model Girlfriend In Face Gets 23 Years

A jilted man who stabbed his model ex-girlfriend in the face and then shamelessly pleaded self-defence has been handed 23 years behind bars.

Lucio Magno do Espirito Santos Quadros poses in undated photo. He was sentenced to 23 years in prison for the death of Geordana Nataly Farias, in Ananindeua, Brazil, in November, 2022. (Newsflash)

The court in Ananindeua, northern Brazil, sentenced Lucio Magno do Espirito Santo Quadros on 21st November after convicting him of femicide.

The victim was his stunning ex-girlfriend Geordana Nataly Farias, who was 20 years old when Quadros knifed her to death in September last year.

A gruesome snap shows the young model lying in the street soaked in a pool of her own blood.

Quadros, then aged 22, was arrested after going to A&E with injuries to his hand. Incredibly, he claimed to police that he had killed Geordana in legitimate defence.

Model Geordana Farias who was found dead in Para in Brazil on 1th September 2021. ( Newsflash)

He claimed Geordana had stabbed him before he had managed to wrest the knife off her and stab her three times.

But police never believed his version of events, not least because Geordana had reported him for domestic violence the previous May.

She had also taken out a restraining order against him, which was active when the fatal stabbing took place.

Quadros was reportedly Geordana’s first boyfriend, and she was returning home after spending the night at his house when the crime took place.

Her family told local media that the two often broke up and reconciled.

They believe Geordana had broken up with Quadros again and that this was the motive for the crime.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office had asked for 30 years in prison but is said to be satisfied with the outcome and will not appeal.

Model Geordana Farias who was found dead in Para in Brazil on 1th September 2021. (Newsflash)

The defendant’s lawyer Joao Bendelack, however, has said he will ask for the judgement to be annulled because he claimed he had submitted some evidence before the deadline but it had not been accepted

The jury argued that the defendant stabbing the victim in the face was an aggravating factor, due to her good looks.

But the judge ruled that his eventual confession to the crime was a mitigating factor.

Model Geordana Farias who was found dead in Para in Brazil on 1th September 2021. (Newsflash)

Geordana’s father Guilherme Farias told local media: “Justice has been served. This won’t bring her back, but society needed this reply, women needed this reply, and may it serve as a warning to many.”