Crafty Thief Nicks Mans Car As He Gets Out To Open Gate

Story ByAna LacasaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News

Video Credit: CEN/Leo Olivares

This is the moment a man stops his car to open the gate to his office car park when an opportunist thief creeps up behind him and steals the vehicle when his back is turned.

The incident took place at the entrance to the victim’s place of work as he got out of his car to open the gate to the car park on Colon Avenue in the city of Cordoba, in the northern Argentine province of the same name.

In the video, the man, whose name has not been revealed, stops his Citroen car in front of the gate and walks up to it with the engine still running.

Pictures Credit: CEN/Leo Olivares & CEN/Telefe Cordoba

As he works to open the lock an opportunistic thief sneaks up behind him and gets into his car. The thief then reverses away from the gate without the owner realising and speeds away from the scene.

The owner turns around just after the thief gets away and can be seen looking for his car.

The victim told local media it was rush hour at the time of theft. Adding: “I did not hear absolutely anything. There is a hell of a noise there.”

The Association of Producers of Insurances claimed to local media that there had been “a serious offence” for abandoning the vehicle without the proper security measures and that there was an “aggravation of the risk” of the car being stolen.

Reports state the insurance company could therefore reject the request of the driver of having the theft covered.

Daniel Layus, the president of the Association said to local media, “people should know that an insurance company does not do charitable acts. The aggravation of risk is in the contract and if it happens, he won’t be paid anything”.

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