Brutal Cat Fight Over Empty Seat On Bus

Story By: Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@ru_chp

This is the moment two women get into a brutal cat fight over an empty seat on a bus.

The startling incident took place on a bus in the town of Vidnoye just outside the Russian capital city of Moscow when the two women were reportedly arguing over one of them having placed her bag on an empty seat.

In the video, the two women can be seen grabbing each other’s hair as they shove each other on the busy bus.

Picture Credit: CEN/@ru_chp

One of the women then takes a seat but her opponent continues grabbing her hair and yanks her to her feet.

In the heat of the moment one of the women yells at another: “Apologise, you stupid sheep.”

Other onlookers calmly watch as they continue grappling before one of women again takes her seat.

One of those present, identified as Irina Lytkina, said: “I was an eyewitness. The bus was half-empty. The woman simply put her bag on an empty seat but then suddenly another woman attacked her, demanding her to move it away.”

Lytkina added that the second woman was also screaming at the driver, stressing that he should charge the woman twice for using the seat for her bag.

“After that they got into a cat fight.”

It is unclear if a police investigation has been launched.

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