Cowboy Rides Down Busy Highway, Is Arrested By Police

Story By: Les Steed, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

A cowboy has been arrested for galloping down a crowded expressway escorted by bikers.

Vashon Jordan Jr./@vashon_photo/Newsflash

Adam Hollingsworth, who calls himself the “Dreadhead Cowboy”, was arrested in Chicago, Illinois on Monday, 21st September.

The gallop down Chicago’s Dan Ryan Expressway during rush hour, causing a one-hour tailback was broadcast by Hollingsworth on Facebook Live.

He had a motorcycle escort as he rode 7.5 miles from 35th to 95th. The ride was a stunt to raise awareness of the alarming number of children that have been shot in Chicago.

Vashon Jordan Jr./@vashon_photo/Newsflash

Hollingsworth said he was riding to raise awareness of the #KidsLivesMatter movement that and motivates residents to fill out the US Census to help communities receive better funding.

“All imma say until we focus on Kids lives matter this gone keep happening,” he wrote on Facebook ahead of the ride.

Hollingsworth was later charged with reckless conduct, disobeying a police officer and criminal trespass to state-supported property, according to state police.

Vashon Jordan Jr./@vashon_photo/Newsflash

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot, who has previously worked with Hollingsworth and was briefed on the situation, put out a statement.

It read: “What is clear is that this stunt not only seriously endangered the horse but also the rider and all travellers on the expressway.

“There is a right way and a wrong way to call attention to issues of great importance and this stunt was decidedly the very wrong way.”

Vashon Jordan Jr./@vashon_photo/Newsflash

The horse, named NuNu, was found bleeding and had trouble standing up according to local reports. It had a bloodied left hoof and another injury to the right hoof.

NuNu was taken by Chicago PD and was seen being loaded onto a Chicago Police Mounted Patrol Trailer. It will be taken to Animal Care and Control, according to CNN.

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