Cops Slammed For Letting Obsessed Ex Murder Mum And Son

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Police have been accused of failing to stop a man whose 12-year obsession with his former bride-to-be allegedly led him to murder her along with her seven-year-old son.

The bodies of Wang Jinxia, 34, and her son were found by her daughter, 10, who discovered them lifeless and riddled with knife wounds on the morning of 8th February during the Chinese New Year holidays.

Wang’s husband Yang Jianchuan said he and his elderly father had left the house momentarily to use the loo and fetch water from their well.

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He believes the now detained suspect, Yun Baoping, had been lying in wait and seized the brief opportunity to murder his wife and son.

Authorities in the county of Qin’an in China’s south-western Guizhou Province arrested Yun on 23rd March on the orders of the Qin’an People’s Procuratorate.

Yang said: “When the police arrested him, he had harmed himself and admitted to killing my wife and son with three knives.”

Wang’s family has revealed that Yun had been “obsessed” with his victim ever since he first saw her during an arranged date in 2007.

Yun was invited to the Wang family home to discuss an arranged marriage, bringing with him gifts such as alcohol and tea.

However, after the date, Wang’s family reportedly learned that Yun had hacked a classmate at school in the past and also lied about having a house.

They called off the marriage and returned the gifts, with the woman then meeting her husband in the same year and marrying in early 2009.

Yang said: “While we were dating, my wife told me she experienced a failed arranged marriage in the past. After her suitor had been rejected, he continually harassed and threatened her family.

“When she told me, she was full of fear, but we both thought all the harassment would end when we got married.”

However, the victim’s family claims that between 2010 and 2016 Yun either verbally or physically threatened Wang or her parents four times, including allegedly attempting to set fire to their home in 2011 and attacking the mum-of-two outside her children’s nursery school in 2016.

Of the four times he called the police, Yang claims the authorities responded only twice but made no arrests.

He has accused the Qin’an Public Security Bureau of dereliction of duty, and failing to arrest or punish Yun before his 12-year obsession resulted in the murder of his wife.

Bureau chief Zhang Hailong, however, told local media that an internal investigation found “no failing of duty”, calling Yang’s claims “nonsense”.

Zhang said: “We arrested the individual who needed to be arrested. Yang Jianchuan is now tarnishing the image of our public security bureau.

“Provincial police as well as an anti-corruption squad have repeatedly looked into the case. The circumstances he describes do not exist.”

It is unclear whether the victims’ families plan to take the police to court, while a date for Yun’s murder trial has yet to be set.

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