Controversy After Fat Man Goes Up Against Two Women In Romanian MMA Cage Brawl

This is the controversial MMA fight in Romania that saw one fat man go up against two women in a controversial cage brawl that has tongues in the country and in the mixed martial arts world wagging.

The MMA event, broadcast on Romanian TV, caused a stir during the RXF 46 MMA gala on Thursday, 30th May.

It saw veteran Perversu face two young female fighters in the Octagon ring, named Bettyshor and Roxana Tutu.

Footage of the unorthodox fight shows the burly man bumping gloves with the two female contenders before the fight begins.

Perversu does not hold back and trades multiple blows with the women. They also gave as good as they get, aiming kicks at him and flurries of punches that do little to rock him.

After pummelling one of the women, he then grabs hold of the other one and hits her until she is cowering on the ground, with the referee eventually intervening.

The fight then continues, with the bell going as the trio look at each other, apparently unsure where to take things from there.

Some said the fight became a farce, with one netizen saying: “The sports commission should intervene and close this type of event.”

Another joked: “In Romania, they decided to put a husband, wife and lover in the ring! Look what happened hahaha.”

The video of the confrontation quickly went viral, according to local media reports, sparking debates about sporting ethics and where to draw the line for entertainment.

While some called for an end to this type of show, others saw it as just an unusual and irreverent form of entertainment, local media said.

Perversu apparently won the fight but Roxana Tutu told local media that she did not believe many women in Romania could have lasted as long as she and Bettyshor did.