Make Up Star Shows Scars And Stretch Marks To Inspire Other Women

A gorgeous Russian make-up influencer has shown her scars and stretch marks in a bid to inspire other women.

Goar Avetisyan, 30, has posted the video of her body for her 12 million Instagram followers.

She said: “You can’t imagine how scared I was to shoot and post this video, because it’s so important for women to show themselves to the world only from the best side, in good angles and the right lighting.

“But I feel with all my heart the global importance of talking about this – no one is ideal and everyone has their own characteristics, which we skillfully hide under makeup, false hair and clothes.”

Goar said that the photoshopped images of beautiful women make the others doubt their look.

She said: Every day we see hundreds of perfect photos and videos on the Internet, we feel flawed, ugly, unworthy.

“Few people have the courage to show the truth as it is. I’m very much afraid that after this video, I’ll go into a long-term depression from the amount of hate.”

However, Goar agrees to face the negativity if her video helps some women look at themselves in a new way and stop reproaching themselves for having an imperfect figure. The blogger not only published the video, but also talked more about the shortcomings.

Photo shows Russian make-up artist and influencer Goar Avetisyan, 30, undated. Goar showed her scars to inspire women to accept their bodies. (@goar_avetisyan/CEN)

Goar added: “I’ve been fat since birth and have had stretch marks since I was 12 years old.

“After gaining 130 kg and losing weight, they became more numerous, and after pregnancy and childbirth they increased 10 times.

“I dreamed of losing weight, removing my skin, but I wasn’t ready for the fact that I would have to get used to living with a huge number of terrible scars on my body.”

She urged other women to accept their bodies and added: “I will not have another life and another body… Let’s love ourselves and remember: no one is perfect.”

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Two years ago, Goar told how she had split with her chubby hubby because he failed to support her after she lost a lot of weight and spent a month in hospital following body-shaping complications.

She said: “And even when I needed simple support before an eight-hour anaesthesia, you did not take your eyes off your phone… How often do we cover up our ‘dislike’ with excuses?

“I was bedridden for almost a month. I managed to realise and understand so much.

Russian make-up artist and influencer Goar Avetisyan, 30, shows her scars and skin stretch marks, undated. She wanted to inspire women to accept their bodies. (@goar_avetisyan/CEN)

“I couldn’t do it anymore. Until recently, I believed our union would last until old age, and how cool it is when people are the complete opposite of each other. But, as life has shown, without support, love, care and affection, even the brightest star will die out.

“December was the most fateful month for me, from the first day I suffered complications after the operation, and some unfortunate doctors said I had blood poisoning and sepsis, and this was 99 per cent fatal.

“In my most difficult period, I was mentally and physically alone… This was my final point. Before that there were many others…”

She added for her followers: “For me, as a person who thinks family is above everything else, this is a huge loss with broken hopes and wings… I am extremely grateful to Sergey for the main meaning of my life – for Gasparchik (their son), this is an inseparable bond that will last the rest of my life.”

In response, Sergey said: “I have no one to report to. If I want to say something to someone, I will say it to their face. I demand the same thing for myself.”