Club Doctors Perform CPR On Passenger During Flight

Story By: Anastasia SmirnovaSub-Editor:  Joseph Golder, Agency:  Golder’s News And Sport 

Video Credit: Golders/@ufafc

Doctors from a top-flight Russian football club have “rescued” a man mid-flight after he passed out twice and they had to perform CPR on him in the air.

The incident occurred during a regular flight from Russian capital Moscow to the port city of Larnaka located in southern Cyprus.

Local media report a man travelling in the flight identified as Grigoriy, had to be assisted by two doctors that work at Russian Premier League club Ufa FC travelling in the same aeroplane.

Picture Credit: Golders/@ufafc

According to press secretary Sergey Tyrtyshniy, Grigoriy was able to stand up immediately after losing consciousness the first time causing some passengers to laugh.

However, some 15 seconds later he fainted and remained unconscious in the aisle prompting Ufa doctor Aleksandr Saamorodov to leap into action.

Samorodov reportedly asked the flight crew for an oxygen mask and fellow-Ufa doctor Ilshat Zhdanov helped him perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The two were able to stabilise Grigoriy’s condition.

Local media report Zhdanov kept a close eye on Grigoriy until they landed in Cyprus, making sure he remained stable and feeling well.

Picture Credit: Golders/@ufafc

The video shows the moment a man is bending forward seemingly treating someone on the floor as other passengers shuffle around trying to make space.

Ufa midfielder Kirill Folmer,19, is then seen explaining: “Borysich (Aleksandr Samorodov) is a rescuer” to which the man filming answers: “It used to be Dolgatych (doctor Ilshat Zhdanov) before.”

The video then cuts to the moment Grigoriy thanks the club doctors saying: “I want to express my gratitude to the medical team of FC Ufa” adding that they “treated me when I was feeling really bad. Thank you.”

When asked why he was feeling bad, Grigoriy admitted: “I did not quite get it (understand).”

Local media report Ufa were travelling to Cyprus for a training camp. They are seventh in the Russian Premier League with 25 points which puts them just ten points from potentially qualifying for the Champions League group stage.

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