Climber Falls 16,000ft To Death Off Mexican Volcano

Story By: Lisa-Maria Goertz, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Newsflash

These images show rescuers apparently carrying down the body of a climber who fell to his death from a 16,000-foot Mexican volcano after attempting to scale it in poor weather.

After an 18-hour operation mountain rescue officers recovered the body from the Iztaccihuatl Volcano in the central Mexican state of Mexico State.

Mount Iztaccihuatl is a dormant volcano and the nations third highest peak, reaching a staggering 5,230 metres (17,160 feet).


According to local media, the man of 36-years from the neighbouring state of Pueblo, who has not been named, fell 20 metres (66 ft) off a cliff edge he was climbing up with one companion.

Authorities reported receiving a call on 31st May at 3 pm from the climbing partner of the victim who reported that he had been accompanying the man in the ascent but due to adverse weather and terrain conditions he had fallen.

The companion of the deceased climber accompanied the rescue team to show them the exact spot where the accident happened, 4,950 metres (16,240 feet) above sea level.


According to local media, the rescuers took two hours to reach the body and put it on a stretcher, using ropes to carry it down the mountain.

After 18 hours the rescuers reached a refuge and were able to hand over the body to a Public Ministry agent who is reportedly responsible for the investigation into his death and to taking the body to the family members.

The State delegation of the Mexican Red Cross assured the public in a statement that they are committed to supporting the population in any situation of danger or disaster despite the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic.

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