Woman Stuck Chest-High In Toilet After Slipping

Story By: Alex Cope, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

These startling images show how a woman became stuck chest-high in a squat toilet after slipping and falling through the hole.

The incident occurred in the Bukit Katil area of the state of Malacca in southern Malaysia when the unnamed woman, who is reportedly in her fifties, was using the squat toilet which had reportedly been broken for some days.

The woman reportedly slipped and both her feet then went through the hole in the toilet.


She began to panic and fell further into the toilet. Staff at the home for mental patients where the incident occurred found her chest-deep in the hole, calling firefighters to the scene.

Seven rescuers were dispatched and firefighters say they used specialised equipment to break the toilet hole before the woman was released.

Images show her in the toilet hole and then on a stretcher after being rescued.


She was taken to Malacca Hospital with minor injuries but it is unclear if she has now been discharged.

Squat toilets are used by squatting, rather than sitting and consist of a toilet pan or bowl at floor level.

Squat toilets are used all over the world, but are particularly common in many Asian and African countries.

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