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Citizen Patrol Woman Fights With Barcelona Pickpockets

Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

CEN/Patrulla BCN

This is the moment a woman who belongs to one of the citizen patrols in Barcelona is attacked by two alleged pickpockets she had identified on a metro station.

The incident took place in the metro of the city of Barcelona in the autonomous community of Catalonia in north-eastern Spain.

Reports said that citizen patrol member Koraima Gomez was travelling on the metro and she warned an elderly woman that she was going to be robbed, pointing at two people on the carriage.

CEN/Patrulla BCN

Then when she got off the train the two alleged pickpockets followed her and reportedly attacked her in the corridors of the metro station.

The footage shows Gomez, in a red jacket fighting with another woman who she claims is a pickpocket.

Then a man who is with the woman tries to separate Gomez from the alleged pickpocket by pulling her hair.

Some people are heard saying: “Let her go, they are pickpockets.”

The clip shows how the security guards finally intervene to lead the two alleged thieves out of the station.

Gomez is heard saying to the people in the station: “Not only are they pickpockets but they also bit m.e”

No arrests have been reported.

Local media said Gomez had to go to a health centre because she injured her hand in the incident.

Gomez told local media: “As soon as I recover I will keep patrolling.”

Citizen patrols are groups of residents in Barcelona who are fighting against pickpocketing and other crimes in the city by patrolling and identifying alleged thieves.

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