Catholic Uni Boss: COVID Was Announced At LDN Olympics

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This controversial president of a Catholic university has come under fire after claiming “coronavirus was announced at the London Olympics” and branding Bill Gates a “slave of Satan”.

Jose Luis Mendoza, 71, the founder and the president of the Catholic University of San Antonio de Padua, located in the city of Murcia, in the south-eastern Spanish region of the same name, made the controversial comments in a recent speech.

Mendoza, who is a member of an ultra-Catholic movement called the Neocatechumenal Way, said that Bill Gates and Hungarian-American businessman George Soros are “slaves and servants of Satan”.

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He added: “The dark forces of evil, in every generation the Anti-Christ appears, and those who are serving him, with huge power, willing to usurp the name of God.

“Why was coronavirus announced at the London Olympic Games? Those images of the coffins, why did Bill Gates, Soros, announce many years ago that coronavirus was coming? How did it come? What is the reason?”

The 71-year-old was seemingly referencing a conspiracy theory that the nurses seen next to beds in homage to the NHS at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games were part of a symbolic ritual predicting the coronavirus pandemic.

Mendoza went on: “They [seemingly meaning Bill Gates, Soros and other ‘Satanists’] want to control us when the vaccine is found, with chips in each of us to control our freedom, but how dare they? Slaves and servants of Satan. Don’t be afraid of them.”

Mendoza, who is the father of 14 children, has joined other Spanish celebrities such as singers Miguel Bose and Enrique Bunbury in supporting a conspiracy theory that a potential coronavirus vaccine will be used for “global dominance” through microchips and 5G.

The theory has been dismissed by experts and Facebook has removed posts supporting the idea.

It is not the first time Mendoza has courted controversy, as in 2010, six years after the terror attacks in Madrid he blamed Basque terror group ETA, despite official investigations finding the attacks were directed by an al-Qaeda terrorist cell.

In 2015 he said that homosexual marriage is an “evil” which “ is “an abomination in the eyes of God,” with the comments being reported to a provincial court by LGBT associations.

The anti-abortion university president was chosen as a member of the Spanish Olympic Committee in 2017.

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