Car Stuck On Ramp Snags Barrier And Smashes Rear Window

Story ByElena Kalioglo, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News

Video Credit: CEN/ @auto8292

This is the moment a driver becomes stuck on a car park exit ramp and snags the barrier that then smashes their rear window as they drive off with it embedded in the vehicle.

The footage was shot at and underground car park in the city of Simferopol, in the centre of the disputed Crimean peninsula, when the unnamed driver was leaving on 20th September.

After using his credit card to pay the fee, the barrier goes up, and the driver then starts to head up the exit ramp, but reportedly stalls while changing gear.

Picture Credit: CEN/@auto8292

As they try to start the vehicle again, it rolls backwards and smashes into the closed barrier which snaps and is left leaning against the side of the vehicle.

Instead of moving it, the driver goes forward, which means the barrier smashes through the window and the driver side, and then punches out the rear window as well for good measure.

This causes the driver to slam on the brakes and once again go backwards, attempting to remove the barrier but failing, and when they drive forward again they once again end up with it wedged inside the vehicle before finally snapping it off completely and driving out of the car park with it embedded in the vehicle.

Picture Credit: CEN/@auto8292

The accident left the barrier completely destroyed and local media reported that the driver had been sent a bill for the repairs.

The footage proved popular online with online commentator ‘EpicFishFingers’ commenting: “I remember my first attempt at driving.”

And ‘Alexey Chebekov’ added: “Clown”.

Picture Credit: CEN/@auto8292

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