Boy Sobs On Balcony As Mum Beaten Indoors

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Video Credit: CEN/@may.marambio

This is the moment a young boy sobs on the balcony as his mum is being beaten up indoors before she runs out and pleads to a neighbour “help me please”.

The incident took place in the central Chilean capital Santiago and the footage was shared on Facebook by a neighbour where it has been viewed over 122,000 times.

In the footage, a young boy is seen sobbing uncontrollably on the balcony as screams are heard inside the flat.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@may.marambio

The camerawoman screams to the alleged aggressor: “Moron, stop beating her.”

She continues to film until the victim suddenly runs to the balcony, pleading: “Help me, please!”

A young man is seen standing behind the woman, trying to get her to go back inside.

Meanwhile, the neighbour says reassuringly: “It is okay, they [the police] are coming.”

However, reports said that the cops eventually showed up six hours later.

Local resident Jimena Martinez decided to film the scenes because the authorities were taking so long, according to local media.

She said: “They have had strong rows before, but nothing like this. We once found the woman’s belongings outside the flat and he begged her not to leave.

“In fact, we know that the fight started because she wanted to leave him and that is why he reacted like he did.”

Since the incident, the victim has reportedly taken her son to her mother’s house.

The police have confirmed that they are investigating the incident, but have not commented on why it took so long to arrive to the scene.

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