Canizares Defends Reyes Death Comments Amid New Details

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Ex-Real Madrid star Santiago Canizares has posted a social media rant defending his controversial comments on former Arsenal star Jose Antonio Reyes’ death after new details surfaced.

Former goalkeeper Canizares, 49, came under heavy criticism after he posted that Reyes “does not deserve a hero’s homage” after the former Arsenal star’s death because local media had reported he could have been driving at 147 mph during his fatal car accident.

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However, a forensic expert in traffic accidents Miriam Moya recently made an appearance on the Spanish news television show “Espejo Publico” (Public Mirror) for the channel Antena 3 contradicting the initial claims on Reyes’ speed.

Local media report there were claims Reyes had been driving at speeds of up to 237 kph (147 mph). The Spanish Civil Gaurd stated that “he was going at an excessive speed”.

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Moya claims “considering the speeds from the skid marks and the brake I estimate the car was going between 111 – 128 kph (69 – 79 mph)” calling the accident “unavoidable” and saying he was “a skilled driver” who “tried to stop the accident with all his strength but it was not to be.”

She suggested there might have been “an unavoidable incident in the back-right tyre”. However, she then went on to say “any number of things are possible”.

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Hours after the claims were made public, former Spanish international Canizares took to social media to defend himself after he was heavily criticised for previously saying “Reyes did not deserve a hero’s homage” after his death.

Canizares started his 13-tweet rant by saying: “Given that today we heard new details and opinions on the tragic death of Jose Antonio Reyes which has caused some insults and put-downs on my timeline among other things, I am starting this long thread.”

He went on to defend himself by saying: “What I meant to say on Twitter that day was 1. I regret the tragedy. 2. I am disgusted by people that are happy over someone’s death. 3. Mourning is compatible with reflection and safety in the motorway.

“I also said he did not deserve homage, obviously I was not referring to his football career. Since it was not clear I explained myself in another tweet. Everything was cleared up but the media already had their headlines.”

After Canizares listed many potential factors that he considered could have played a role, he said: “It is extremely difficult for anyone to determine the speed he was going at. I do NOT believe any version.

“In summary, it is a terrible tragedy that a beautiful person like Jose Antonio is not with us and no hypothesis is going to bring him back.”

Canizares finished his posts by reiterating his advice saying: “And going back to my initial point, safety is not a bad companion”.

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