BUM NOTE: Super Chuff Forces Band To Halt Gig

This is the moment a band stops playing and the venue is sprayed with air freshener after a music fan’s smelly fart made gig goers’ eyes water.

The show by singer Renata Falcao and her band on 28th January had to be paused so the packed bar in Tibau, Brazil, could be purified.

The flatulence was so pungent, said Renata, that she had “never smelt one like it” before in her life.

A second piece of footage shows how the vocalist and her group tried their best to carry on as audience members groaned and held their noses in disgust.

But as the air thickened with the pervading stench, they simply could not carry on any longer and had to stop playing so the bar, Brisa do Mar, could be sprayed.

A woman sprays the room, after a fart caused a strong smell during show in Tibau, Brazil, on Saturday, Jan. 28, 2023. Singer Renata Falcao stopped her performance because it left her disoriented. (CEN)

Renata said: “I’ve never before smelt one like that. I wanted to vomit, I became dizzy.

“It was really something else, a fart that lingered till the end of the party. Holy Mary.”

She joked to the crowd: “Dude, to whom it may concern, there are two bathrooms over there. Feel free to use them.”