DRINK AND DRIVE: US City Councilman Found Laying Drunk On The Ground After A Hit-And-Run

This is the moment a Texas police officer discovers that the suspect behind a hit-and-run is a city Councilman as he finds him laying injured in his yard, smelling of alcohol.

Councilman Clayton Perry was found laying on the ground with his car still running at his residence in the city of San Antonio, in the US state of Texas – about half a mile from the scene of the crash.

A San Antonio Police Officer arrived at Perry’s home after receiving a report from a witness about a hit-and-run which seemingly involved the city official.

Body-worn footage shows the cop coming by Perry’s house to find his car still running and slammed into the garage door.

As he enters the backyard, the officer finds Perry laying on the ground with a large bleeding bump on his head, appearing to be drunk.

Perry appears to be quite disoriented at first and seems to be avoiding the officer’s questions when asked about his identity and where he was during the evening.

The officer asked for medical staff to examine him, but Perry reportedly refused.

City Councilman Clayton Perry laying injured on the ground in his yard with his car still running at his residence in the city of San Antonio, in the US state of Texas. Councilman Clayton Perry was allegedly involved in a crash that occurred half a mile from the place he was found. (San Antonio Police Department/Newsflash)

The quizzing goes on for a little while until the cop finally decides to leave Perry’s home, but not before witnessing him attempting to open his front door with credit cards.

Perry has since been arrested and was expected to resign from his position in the council.

But after admitting to the crime and accepting responsibility, he asked for a sabbatical.

San Antonio City Council reportedly voted to reprimand Perry for his involvement in the incident, but ultimately declined to ask him to resign.

Perry is currently being investigated for a DWI (driving under influence).