BULL RUN: Terrified Skiers Flee Bull On Slopes

This is the moment terrified skiers flee a fully-grown bull that found its way onto the piste at a Russian ski resort.

The baffling sight was filmed by holidaymakers at the Rosa Khutor resort in Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi, on 2nd February.

The bull – which had escaped from a local park – charged down three people with its horns as it rampaged around the slopes.

In one clip, a snowboarder in an orange jacket is seen tumbling to the ground as he is dealt a glancing blow by the bull while it thunders down the piste.

And in another, one brave skier is seen taking on the bull and slaloms around it as the beast chases after him.

Eyewitnesses told Russian media that it knocked down three people before it was corralled by police.

A bull stands on the ski slopes of Rosa Khutor in Russia, Thursday, Feb. 2, 2023. The bull was evacuated and returned to its owner. (CEN)

Local media reported that no one required medical assistance, but some holidaymakers’ snowboards and skis were damaged in the crush.

The bull was eventually returned to its owner in a pasture in the nearby Sochi National Park, local media reported.

A National Park spokesperson said: “The bull was evacuated and returned to its owner.”

Local forestry officials are now reportedly carrying out pre-emptive work to “prevent the release of animals”.