Brute Who Murdered Daughter Is ‘Faking Death’ To Avoid Capture

An evil dad who sent harrowing audios of his daughter’s dying screams to her mum to punish her for their breakup may be trying to fake his own death in a bid to evade punishment.

This is what media in Brazil are reporting about fugitive Nadiro da Silva de Souza, who was last seen near the Corvo River in Terra Rica, Parana State.

The Corvo River – a tributary of the Paranapanema River – is where the four-year-old victim’s body was found with signs of asphyxiation on 13th May.

The area has since been completely surrounded by firefighters and police officers, who, at the time of reporting, were still searching for the suspect.

Earlier reports told how mum Beatriz Silva Felix had sole custody of little Maria Cecilia Silva de Souza until an agreement was reached in court earlier this month.

The court agreement allowed for De Souza to spend some of his free afternoons with his daughter.

According to Beatriz, it was on 12th May – during the second of Maria Cecilia’s visits to her dad following the agreement – that the girl went missing.

The moment De Souza picked his daughter up from her mum can now be seen in this recently-released CCTV footage.

Nadiro da Silva de Souza pics his daughter Maria Cecilia Silva de Souza, up from her mother in Terra Rica, Brazil, undated. It is believed to be the last time Maria Cecilia Silva de Souza was seen before her disappearance. (Newsflash)

The dad can be seen hugging Maria Cecilia before they get into his silver car, which was later found empty by the authorities.

While she was still considered missing, De Souza allegedly sent his ex a harrowing photo of the girl tied up and dead.

Earlier reports also told how he had allegedly sent Beatriz chilling audio recordings of Maria Cecilia crying and screaming.

He had also allegedly sent his ex disturbing messages saying “She is already dead” and “You will never see her again”.

Local media are now reporting that De Souza borrowed BRL 10,000 (GBP 1,600) from local loan sharks on the day before the alleged crime.

Also, according to local media, witnesses reported seeing him with a suitcase before picking up Maria Cecilia.

And, still according to local media, some of De Souza’s relatives went to the police station to retrieve his car and apparently failed to show any signs of grief.

Maria Cecilia Silva de Souza, 4, poses in undated photo. She was found dead in Terra Rica, Brazil, on Sunday, May 13, 2023, her father is the suspect. (Newsflash)

As well as “revenge” for the breakup, the police also believe that the dad killed his daughter because he was angry at the fact that his ex was her main custodian.

Police chief Samuel Solto Ribeiro told local media: “He wanted to be the main educator of the girl and have custody of her.”

Beatriz earlier alleged that she had suffered domestic violence during the last months of the couple’s four-year relationship.

The manhunt for De Souza continues.