Violent Father Proceeds To Knock Down Boy For Accidentally Pushing His Daughter

Footage of a father who proceeded to violently shove another boy after he accidentally knocked over his daughter in a playground has caught widespread attention from angry netizens.

CCTV recording of the incident, which took place on the 15th of May on a playground in the city of Guigang, Guangxi Province, China, was later uploaded on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok.

In the footage, the unnamed man is seen supervising his daughter on a playground.

The boy is seen briefly after running towards the duo.

He attempts to pass between the two, trying to navigate through a tiny space left by the father.

The man’s daughter gets knocked over as a result of the insufficient space, and the father then grabs the boy and violently shoves him to the ground.

The boy proceeds to get up and confront the father, who knocks him down again.

Another attempt by the now frustrated boy results in the father grabbing the boy by his clothes and lifting him up.

A man attacks a boy in a children’s playground in Guigang, Guangxi, China, Monday, May 15, 2023. That’s because the boy accidentally knocked over the man’s little girl. (62882291797/AsiaWire)

Shortly after, he throws him to the ground causing a woman, supposedly the boy’s grandmother, to confront the violent father.

Local media reported that the boy’s parents informed the police shortly after the incident.

The boy’s family claims that this is not the first time the man has been caught bullying another child.

They also told local media that they will not accept any apology or compromise from the man, insisting that the police deal with the matter.

Infuriated netizens took to Douyin to comment the incident, supporting the family and seeking justice for the boy.

A user titled “Datou Cai” commented: ” [I] strongly demand that no compromise be accepted.”

Another user “Serae” commented: “Please punish this kind of person severely, such disgusting behaviour, you can see his child’s character in the future.”