Bride Cries At Own Wedding After Marrying Man She Met Twice

The devastating videos show a bride crying at her own wedding after being forced to marry a person that she barely knows.

Smartphone footage recorded in the north-central province of Gansu, in China, showed the bride not being able to hold back her tears at what should have been her happiest day on 16th January.

One of the videos further depicted her wiping away her tears and showing reluctance as her husband tried to touch her. She also refused to let him hold her hand or help her with her wedding gown.

The woman’s dramatic breakdown followed because she was forced to marry someone whom she barely even knew, after their families arranged their marriage.

Chinese media revealed that the pair had only met a couple of times before. The woman had reportedly had no other option but to comply with the local customs.

A beautiful bride cries in her wedding ceremony due to an arranged marriage. In Gansu, China, undated. She refused to let the groom hold her hand or even help her with her wedding gown. (cgx20000307/AsiaWire)

The heartbreaking videos provoked a lot of sympathy from social media users who could not refrain from expressing their thoughts on China’s version of TikTok, Douyin.

Douyin user ‘Mengyao children’ said: “I wish they were tears of joy.”

Then user ‘little goddess’ commented: “If you don’t love someone, you don’t have to marry then. There’s no need to make people suffer unjustly.”

And ‘Sweet Mom Spicy Skewers’ added: “What kind of custom is this? If you don’t like being forced to marry, why is it like this? If you don’t like it, just run away.”