No-Handbrake Runaway 4WD Crashes Into Scooter

Story By: Scott Feng, Sub-Editor: Francis George, Agency: Asia Wire Report

                                                    Video Credit: Asia Wire

This is the moment a driverless 4WD rolls nearly 2,000 feet and crashes head-on into an unsuspecting scooter rider after its owner forgot to put the handbrake on.

The white SUV belonging to a man surnamed Yao rolled no less than 607 metres – or 1,991 feet – during the freak accident which claimed the life of scooter owner Xiong.

Traffic camera and dashcam footage from the city of Luzhou in south-western China’s Sichuan Province shows Yao parking near a traffic island and getting out to run an errand at 5:40pm on 19th November.

Seconds after he slams the driver’s side door shut, the 4WD begins rolling forwards, slowly picking up speed as it narrowly avoids two cars while merging into heavy afternoon rush-hour traffic.

The dashcam footage shows the 4WD hitting the kerb on the right side of the multi-lane road before bouncing back in the opposite direction.

The vehicle rolls into the opposite lane towards oncoming traffic, narrowly missing a van in the process.

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                                                                    Picture Credits: Asia Wire

As the video ends, Yao’s 4WD can be seen colliding head-on with Xiong’s scooter and only stopping after crashing into a taxi and a pickup truck.

Luzhou authorities said there were no further injuries, with Yao now under investigation.

John Feng

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