Brave Female Workers Tackle Armed Thieves In Shop

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Video Credit: CEN/Antonela Conuen

This is the moment two female workers in a shop face up to two alleged armed robbers and force the men to sprint away from the scene.

The startling incident took place in the shop in the Vista Alegre area of the city of Bahia Blanca, in the eastern Argentine province of Buenos Aires.

In the video, a hooded thief can be seen walking into the shop towards the till past a female worker before his accomplice, who appears to be holding a pistol, also comes in.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/Antonela Conuen

The hooded robber then back away from the till seemingly in pain and the female worker behind him then grabs him. They become entangled in a fight as the other robber tries to help his accomplice.

Another female worker then comes from the till and threatens the thief with a gun, who fires a shot into the roof before the criminals sprint away.

A police spokesman said that the thieves had managed to steal 2,000 ARS (27.3 GBP) in the robbery.

The two female workers have been named as Antonela Conuen, 26, and Marisa Rivera. Conuen said: “They surrounded my colleague who was coming out of the kitchen with a knife started to threaten her. I told them that there was no money because on Mondays it is difficult to make money.

“When I saw that the thug was holding my friend’s knife, I grabbed him from behind and dragged him through the aisle and start beating him up. In that moment, the other guy started to shout for me to let him go and he came with the weapon and pulled the trigger twice or three times. My friend shouted that he did not have bullets, but he loaded the weapon and shot to the roof.”

Conuen said to local media “we are fed up of being robbed,” saying it was the third such robbery and adding: “I am sure they will be back”.

The police are investigating the case and trying to find the suspects, but so far nobody has been arrested or located.

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