Boy Crashes Delivery Pedicab Into Shop Crushing Girl

Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire

This footage shows a young boy crashing a delivery man’s unattended pedicab through a shop entrance and into a girl playing in the corner of the store.

The accident is believed to have occurred in an as yet unidentified Chinese city, with the pedicab having been left idling by the roadside by the courier.

In the CCTV video from the mobile phone shop, the reportedly two-year-old girl can be seen playing by herself in the corner while her mum sits behind the counter.

A scream can be heard outside as the parked pedicab suddenly begins moving and turns towards the phone shop.

Neither the mum nor her daughter have any time to react as the pedicab slams through the glass door, crashing into the counter and slamming the unsuspecting girl against the wall behind her.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

The boy in blue who drove away the pedicab can be seen for a moment as the impact sends him falling off the vehicle.

The screaming mum appears to ignore him as she picks up her crying daughter, with the girl seen covered in blood as she wails in pain.

As the video ends, the boy can be seen running out the phone shop and towards his parents, who are thought to be nearby shopkeepers.

The girl is believed to have survived although her exact condition is unknown.

Local police are reportedly investigating the case.

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