Boy Covered In Mud After Tripping During Loo Run

Story By: John Feng, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

This poor boy was left covered in mud and almost drowned after falling into a rice paddy while relieving himself outdoors at night.

The unnamed child from the province of Thai Binh in North Vietnam was covered completely in the muddy sludge at the bottom of water used to irrigate the rice crop.

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Picture Credits: AsiaWire / Du Nguyen

Fortunately, he was plucked from the mud by his family, who brought him inside and cleaned him – while apparently also snapping pictures of the boy.

The images show him completely covered in mud from head to toe, with none of his limbs or facial features visible from under the dirt.

The crying boy underneath the substance is slowly revealed as his parents wash the dirt off him.

The pictures show the shower floor covered in the sediment as it is washed off the boy’s body and out of his hair.

According to reports, the boy went out alone to relieve himself outside at 8pm but fell into the muddy rice paddy.

He was rescued by his mum and dad who immediately brought him home.

He is not thought to have been injured during the ordeal.

John Feng

I am a senior journalist and editor, and have worked for a number of different news agencies over the last decade. I am currently editor-in-chief of the Asia Wire Report news wire.

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