Child Snatcher Leads Boy Away As Dad Sleeps In Bar

Story By: Lee Bullen, Sub Editor: Michael Leidig, Agency: Asia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire

A child snatcher has been filmed leading a boy away from a bar where his father was drunk and asleep.

The incident took place in the town of Oragadam on the outskirts of Chennai in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Cops used local CCTV footage to trace the kidnapped youngster’s movements before finding the five-year-old in a house in the Chennai suburb of Ambattur the following day.

Police said that “the boy was alone” by the time they got to him. It is not yet known whether the minor suffered any form of abuse.

According to local media, the rescued boy was then handed over to his 35-year-old father, identified as Guruprasad.

Picture Credits: AsiaWire

Local media said the dad was drunk and asleep when his young son, named as Kumaraguru, was led away by the man, as seen in the CCTV footage.

Reports said that he was sleeping for over four hours before waking up to find that his son was missing.

Police are now trying to track down the owner of the house in Ambattur where the five-year-old was found.

Officials are yet to ascertain why the boy was taken.

According to reports, Guruprasad and his 30-year-old wife Muruguammal have two sons, including a two-month-old baby.