Bouncer Grabs Girl By Throat And Throws Her To Ground

Story ByBiljana Bozhinovska, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News 

Video Credit: CEN/@alejandro10059

This is the moment a teenage girl is grabbed by the throat and thrown to the ground by a nightclub bouncer who trained in the Argentine Navy.

The video was recorded at the entrance to the Nautico DIsco nightclub in the city of Ushuaia in the southern Argentine province of Tierra del Fuego.

Picture Credit: CEN/@alejandro10059

In the clip, a bouncer named in reports as Nestor Jose Campos can be seen with his hand around the throat of a woman named in local media as Daiana Abril Marcoveccio, 19, as he escorts her out of the nightclub.

He appears to be holding her hands behind her back when he shoves the young woman into the person recording, and she appears to fall to the ground.

According to witnesses, the bouncer was reacting to an argument which happened minutes before inside the club.

Picture Credit: CEN/@nesthor007

Campos justified his actions on social media writing: “I take complete responsibility for the action. Nautico Disco and the rest of the employees don’t have anything to do with the incident. I am the only person responsible for what happened. I encourage this girl, Daiana Abril Marcoveccio, to make a complaint against me to the authorities.

“I accept all the comments I received. Our job is to deal with people who go out to have some fun and others who provoke disturbances, as it was in this case.”

The victim has now filed a criminal complaint and those involved were called to give statements.

The case is being dealt with by judge Maria Cristina Barrionuevo. According to sources from the investigation, Barrionuevo ordered witnesses testimony and security camera footage from the club to be used in the investigation.

The bouncer has reportedly been charged with causing injuries but has not been arrested. He has also reportedly been fired from his job as a bouncer at the club.

The Municipality of Ushuaia’s Women’s Secretary condemned the act and offered help to the victim. The municipality said: “We strongly disagree with any violence against women. We will continue our efforts in making policies to prevent any type of sexist violence.”

Campos, whose age is unclear, reportedly trained as an Aeronautical Operator at the Navy’s School of Mechanics and is the owner of a gym.

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