Footie Stadium Bar Staff Filmed Watering Down Fans Beer

Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub Editor: Conor Shelis, Agency: Golder’s News And Sport

Video credit: Golders/@lamanodediosmx

These workers at a football stadium have been fired after footage emerged reportedly showing them watering down cups of beer with tap water.

The incident occurred at the Azteca Stadium in the Mexican capital Mexico City during a match between home team Aguilas America and Monarcas Morelia in Mexico’s top flight Liga MX.

A spectator reportedly encountered the vendors mixing the beer with water. 

In the video, they can be seen seemingly scooping liquid, said to be tap water, into the paper cups before topping them up with beer to be sold to fans.

Picture credits: Golders/@lamanodediosmx ; Golders/@EstadioAzteca

The caption read: “The legendary Azteca stadium succumbs to the system and we can confirm that the beer they sell is watered down with tap water”.

The video angered many fans. ‘@elizabethcarb06’ said: “I am never going to buy beer in the stadiums unless they serve it in front of me”.

‘@MarioTorija’ said: “On one occasion I told my son the beer tasted like water. @Coronoa_Futbol son of a bitch!”

Shortly after the video went public, the Azteca Stadium released a statement on their social media account reading: “The Azteca Stadium does not accept the practices that affect the fans. There is a video circling that shows vendors altering a product. Those implicated have been permanently removed from the facilities. We are carrying out legal action. We do not permit this kind of conduct”.

This is the second time a first division Mexican team has been caught up in a beer scandal recently as in late July of this year vendors were seen “recycling” beer at the Territorio Santos Modelo stadium.

A woman was filmed pouring beer into a cup, pouring the excess in a bucket and using the same beer from the bucket to fill other cups to sell to customers.

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