Barbie With Worlds Largest Lips Now Wants Biggest Bust

Story ByAngjela TrajkovskaSub EditorMichael LeidigAgencyNewsflash

This OnlyFans star – dubbed the ‘Bulgarian Barbie’ and well-known for her claim to having having the biggest lips in the world – has reportedly boosted her boobs by four times the previous size in her bid to break the world record.

Andrea Ivanova, 22, a final year university student from the city of Burgas on Bulgaria’s Black Sea, underwent over 15 plastic surgery ops in 2018 alone and has not stopped since, according to local media.

The Bulgarian Barbie reportedly pumped her previously C cup breasts with 1,200 cubic centimetres of silicone in a clinic in Sofia last month.


Andrea said: “I decided to enlarge my breasts because I think it’s much more feminine and beautiful for a woman to have bigger boobs.

“I really liked seeing my new breasts in the mirror! The results amaze me. They are very well shaped and the size is excellent. I had a big bust before the operation, but it was never enough and it still looks small to me.”

Even though her breasts already look like they are about to burst, Andrea wants to keep pushing the limit and plans to pump her breasts with at least 2,000 cubic centimetres of silicone soon.


She said: “With the second surgery, I think I will have the biggest silicone breasts in the world!”

While enjoying her new acquisitions, Andrea has not forgotten her main weapon, her enormous lips that she reportedly achieved with hyaluronic acid injections.

Andrea said: “When I recover, I’m going for the 23rd injection in a week or two.”


Her dramatic transformation from a pretty brunette to a plastic Barbie gained her widespread online attention and now she is thriving on the OnlyFans social media platform sharing lewd content with her followers.

The busty blonde claimed that after her last surgery she is receiving more compliments and attention from men than ever.

She added: “It is a personal choice and I have never been afraid to express it!”

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