TITANIC TALENT: Eight-Year-Old Pianist Wows Fans With Celine Hit

This is the moment an eight-year-old girl enthrals shoppers with her astonishing piano rendition of Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’.

A video shows Rebecca Seziba playing the tune – from the hit movie ‘Titanic’ – in a mall in Cape Town, South Africa, on 24th December.

Her faultless performance is all the more amazing as the youngster has never had a formal piano lesson in her life.

In the video, a crowd quickly gathers around Rebecca and gives her a huge cheer and a round of applause when she finishes.

Incredibly, Rebecca was taught by her big brother Joshua, who learnt how to play by watching YouTube videos.

Proud dad Emmanuel told local media: “They developed a love for classical music and taught themselves. I never took them to piano training.”

Joshua, 15, started playing keyboard when he was six.

Photo shows Rebecca Seziba, undated. She is a self-taught pianist living in Cape Town, South Africa. (@GreytonTourism/CEN)

He passed on his knowledge to not only Rebecca but also their brother Caleb, 13.

Incredibly, Rebecca and Caleb only started playing last year, when Emmanuel and his wife bought the children a piano.

Emmanuel told local media: “They practise every day. They can learn a song in a couple of days and play it from memory.

“Sometimes my wife and I are shocked because we can’t do that.”

Emmanuel said his children often play the baby grand piano at Table Bay Mall when the family is out shopping.

On the clip of his daughter playing ‘My Heart Will Go On’, he said: “This video of Rebecca shocked us. It had so many views. We were all surprised.”

Photo shows Caleb Seziba, undated. He is a self-taught pianist living in Cape Town, South Africa. (@GreytonTourism/CEN)

Emmanuel added: “We are happy for them and we thank God for the gift that is bestowed upon our children.

“Their little sister, who is six, wants to be a violinist. We recently bought her a violin and she will also probably teach herself how to play.”