Mum Pleads Guilty To Killing Daughter With Nazi Knife

Story By: Ernest Bio BogoreSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

A mother has pleaded guilty to stabbing her daughter to death with a Nazi dagger before throwing the tot’s body in a recycling bin and then having sex with her boyfriend.

The shocking incident took place in April 2018 in Charlesbourg in the northeastern part of Quebec City when mother Audrey Gagnon, 25, was home alone with her daughter Rosalie Ganon, who was two years old.

The mother has been handed a sentence of life imprisonment with no possibility of release for 14 years after pleading guilty. The young mother also pleaded guilty to the charge of insulting a corpse, for which she was sentenced to five years in prison, but this sentence will be served concurrently with the previous one.


Local media report the mother had consumed alcohol and cannabis that night before attempting to strangle her daughter.

She then stabbed the girl 32 times with a dagger from Nazi Germany before putting the body in a pram. It was not revealed where she got the dagger from and whether it was a genuine relic which can sell for large sums of money, or a copy which are widely available online.

The plaintiff’s lawyer, Me Francois Godin, states “After the murder, Audrey Gagnon put Rosalie in her stroller and she left the house.”

She later said, “The kid’s a f*cking pain in the a*se at night.”

Audrey reportedly then headed to the Terrasse Bon Air park in Charlesbourg where, “unable to continue with the pram,” she left it there to continue with Rosalie in her arms.

Me Godin said: “She eventually dropped the child’s body at the bottom of a green rubbish bin and dragged the bin which she then left on de Gaulle Avenue.”

Back at her flat, Gagnon reportedly “cleaned the apartment and threw away items related to the murder and crime scene cleanup.”

According to the lawyer, when Audrey’s boyfriend went back to the flat, “they had sex, then Gagnon fell asleep.”

Audrey reportedly had a history with narcotics.

In defence of her client, Marco Robert said: “Since the birth of her daughter, she had done some form of recovery.

“I wouldn’t say she was exemplary, but she was doing much better.”

Before sentencing Carl Thibault, the judge in charge of the case, said: “You have committed the irreparable. You took the life of your child, your own flesh. You have committed the most serious offence under the Criminal Code.

“Hopefully, in time, you will heal your wounds, your inner wounds, and heal yourself.”

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