Baby Driver Actress Slams 10 Year Challenge

Story By: Lee Bullen, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Stunning ‘Baby Driver’ actress Eiza Gonzalez has slammed the ‘10 year challenge’ online trend as shallow in a powerful social media outburst.

Picture Credits: CEN/@eizagonzalez

The 28-year-old Mexican actress and singer, who boasts 4.5 million followers on Instagram, wants netizens to challenge each other to be “better people” rather than worrying over who is “less/more hot”.

Gonzalez was referring to the ‘10 year challenge’ online trend which sees netizens posting before-and-after images to see how much they’ve physically changed in a decade.

She said: “Am I missing the point of this 10 year challenge? Talking about looks and less/more hot?

“How about challenging each other to go pick up trash and who picks up more trash wins? Or challenge ourselves to encourage each other to be a better person tomorrow.

“I mean, almost 30 years ago we couldn’t even use the same bathrooms as people were divided by the colour of their skin. How about we do the 10 year challenge to be a better generation for the next 10 year olds?”

Gonzalez became famous for her role in the Mexican soap opera ‘Lola… Erase Una Vez’ (‘Lola… Once Upon a Time’) before moving to the US and launching a career in Hollywood.

Gonzalez was recently criticised for appearing too thin after she shared a series of bikini snaps while on holiday in Hawaii.

Picture Credits: CEN/@eizagonzalez