Russias Sexiest Woman Hates The Gym And Adores Chips

Story By: Anastasia Smirnova, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: CEN

A stunning actress who was voted Russia’s sexiest woman has confessed that she hates working out in the gym and much prefers munching on chips.

Beautiful star Natalia Rudova, 35, who was voted Russia’s sexiest woman by Maxim magazine in 2017, revealed her eating habits on Instagram for her 3.7 million followers.

The blonde stunner, who regularly treats her army of online fans with saucy selfies, said: “I love to eat. To be precise, I devour food!”

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@rudovanata

Rudova added that her favourite dish is simply a bowl of chips, although she adores potato snacks in general.

She said: “It is better to not eat potatoes at all, even though they are the tastiest food for me. If I see French fries somewhere then it is mmm…”

The slender actress said that she has to work out regularly to keep the carbs at bay.

Rudova said: “I envy women who eat everything they want and do not gain weight.”

She added: “I am not a fan of sports either because I am basically a lazy person.

“However, because I love myself I am ready to give up treats so that I am happy with the person I see in the mirror.”

Netizen ‘Doch Luzifera’ said: “She takes such good care of herself and is so nice.”

An anonymous social media user commented: “She is such a stunner. I think she is perfect in every way.”

Rudova, who generally likes to keep her private life to herself, once said that her ideal man would be smart, charming and well-established in his field of work.

Anastasia Smirnova

I am a senior writer and correspondent with several years experience working as a contributor for various publications.