AU NO: Aubergine Prank Backfires

This is the bizarre moment when a prankster hurls an aubergine at a pal’s window and sparks a full-scale police drama.

Joker Eric Ulmer was after revenge for when a friend smeared his home’s windows with mashed pumpkin.

So he took an aubergine to his pal’s house in San Marcos, Texas, planning to get his own back.

Video footage of the prank – shot by Eric’s girlfriend Averyann Guggenheim, 19 – shows him banging on a ground-floor window and then hurling the veg.

But instead of bursting, the aubergine goes straight through the glass.

Inside, his terrified pal and his partner thought burglars were breaking into their home and hid in a cupboard while they dialled 911 for police.

The video of the backfired prank has since gone viral.

Eric Ulmer knocks at his friend’s window in San Marcos, Texas, on Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2022. Eric ended up breaking the window after throwing an eggplant at it. (@averyguggenheim/Newsflash)

Averyann told Newsflash: “When I was filming, I wasn’t expecting him to chuck it as hard as he did.

“And so when he winded it up, I was like, ‘Oh, this is gonna be bad.’ And then it broke and I was like, ‘Oh, it was bad!'”

Eric, she said, was horrified and rushed inside to apologise to his friends, only to find they had vanished.

He said: “I throw the eggplant through the window, I break it, I’m freaking out. So I run into their house because we’re really good friends.

“I run into their house and they’re all missing, nobody’s there at all. I’m like, ‘What is going on? They should be here right now.’

“So I run upstairs, check all the rooms, nobody’s there. So I called them on the phone. I call one of them, they don’t answer. I call the second one, he doesn’t answer.

“They’re on the call with the cops because they think that somebody broke into their house.

Eric Ulmer throws an eggplant at his friend’s house and breaks his window, in San Marcos, Texas, on Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2022. Eric ended up breaking the window. (@averyguggenheim/Newsflash)

“They’re hiding in one of the upstairs bedrooms because they think that they have a home intruder right now.

“So I had to call one of them on the phone and say, ‘I broke your window.'”

Amazingly, his friend took it with good grace.

Eric said: “He was not mad at all. He was actually so relieved that he wasn’t getting his home invaded by some random person.

“It was me and not somebody trying to actually steal from them.”

“He had a broken window for five days and I felt so bad and I kept apologising, but he did not care. He was so sweet about it.”

On the repair costs, Averyann added: “Eric paid for it.”

Eric Ulmer and Averyann Guggenheim pose in an undated photo. Eric unintentionally broke his friend’s window by throwing an eggplant at it. (@averyguggenheim/Newsflash)

She said the experience would not stop them playing more pranks, but, she added: “We’re not going to break any more windows, that’s already passed.”