Naked Biker Rides Through Central Lisbon For 22-GBP Bet

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This is the moment a biker stuns onlookers by riding through the centre of Lisbon completely naked with a bizarre red helmet covering his head for a 22-GBP bet.

The startling scenes were recorded by onlookers on the Avenue da Liberdade in the Portuguese capital Lisbon and was reportedly part of a bet that saw the nude biker win 25 EUR (22.21 GBP).

In the video, the biker can be seen making his way down the busy street completely naked except for his helmet, which is in the shape of an imaginary animal.

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He stops at the lights and can be seen waving at cheering onlookers before speeding away when the lights turn green.

Another clip shows a fellow biker chatting to the nude rider, who then sticks his middle finger up towards the camera. The fully clothed biker gives the nude motorist a high five and a fist bump before they speed away.

Video Credit: CEN

Local daily newspaper Jornal de Noticias report that the nude ride was not part of World Naked Bike Ride day on 8th June as had previously been suggested but was actually part of a bet which saw the rider, who has not been identified, win 25 EUR.

It is not mentioned if the man was reported to the authorities or arrested for this incident.

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