Asylum Seekers Blamed For GBP 11K-A-Month Shoplifting Sprees

A politician in Germany has infuriated shopkeepers after he blamed a massive wave of theft around asylum seekers’ apartment blocks on slow government handouts.

Picture shows Ferat Kocak, undated. The left-wing politician Ferat Kocak reportedly also openly sided with the criminals on X. (Newsflash)

One supermarket operator next to a block in Regensburg, Bavaria, says he was branded a racist after revealing he loses EUR 12,500 (GBP 10,845) a month to refugee shoplifters.

Fed up Konstantin Gatzke, 48, told local media: “Men dressed in black come to us every day, all from the asylum homes in Regensburg.

“They fill their backpacks and bags and go out through the entrance without paying.”

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But instead of support, angry Gatzke says he ended up being called a racist.

He said: “I have a migrant background myself, I employ people from a wide variety of countries and have no prejudices.

“I don’t want to be put in the right-wing corner.”

And Regensburg police also confirmed there has been an increase in thefts.

They say at least a third of them can be traced back to Tunisian nationals with asylum backgrounds, according to local media.

But the shoplifting accusations have been scorned by left-wing politician Ferat Kocak, 44, who says asylum seekers are just taking what they deserve.

Picture shows Ferat Kocak’s X post, undated. The left-wing politician Ferat Kocak reportedly also openly sided with the criminals on X. (Newsflash)

Kocak says the EDEKA supermarket, once the Shopping Cooperative For Colonial Traders. Built its fortune on exploiting the ancestors of modern-day asylum seekers

He said: ” I would say that given it benefited from globalisation. Those whose people were victims of that are simply getting back what they are entitled to.”

Kocak added: “One of the central problems is that the authorities are overloaded and many refugees are not even paid what they need to live.

“But that in itself is not the main problem.

“It is more important to grant refugees work permits immediately so that they can lead their lives independently.”

The latest figures show 325,000 people applied for asylum in Germany in 2023.