Moment Gunman Opens Fire In Casino Bloodbath

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Video Credit: CEN

This is the moment a gunman bursts into a casino and opens fire on customers – killing five – as they desperately try to flee the carnage as the shooter leaves some 70 ammunition shells in his wake.

The incident, which saw the shooter using a gun that had been adapted to fire a large number of bullets in quick succession, took place at a casino with slot machines in the municipality of Puente Alto, near the city of Santiago de Chile, the Chilean capital and left four men and one woman dead.

According to witnesses, two men were having an argument outside the casino when one of them ran off and into the building.

Pictures Credit: CEN

The other man then reportedly pulled out a gun and chased the other man into the casino before opening fire.

In the video, gamblers can be seen using the slot machines when the gunman comes in and opens fire.

Three men drop to the ground and a woman tries to run away but she is shot too. One man is left alive and he then climbs over the counter after the gunman leaves.

Video Credit: CEN

The victims, three of them with criminal records, were identified as Luis Borquez Arriagada, 46, Yessica Reyes Arellano, 47, Jimmy Avalos Gallardo, 45, Yerko Riveros Munoz, 18, and Milton Lara Iturra, 38.

Two of the victims died on the spot while the other three died while being attended to in a hospital where they were taken, police sources reported to local media.

The head of homicide, police officer Carlos Albornoz, told local media that at least 70 empty ammunition shells were found inside and outside the premises.

He said: “We are doing ballistic investigations, especially of the cartridge shells. There are a huge amount, around 70, not only inside the premises but also outside and in the surroundings.”

He said the gunman had used an adapted weapon with the capacity to fire a huge amount of bullets in a short burst.

The prosecutor in charge of the investigation, Hector Barros, said “the investigation is focused on finding the suspect and arresting him,” while investigators are also working to find out id there were other people involved.

Local media reported that authorities have identified the aggressor but he has not been arrested.

Investigators are working to find if the victims had any relationship with the aggressor.

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