Age-Gap Granddad Will Still Marry Cheating 21yo Fiance

Story ByAngjela TrajkovskaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News

The 74-year-old age-gap reality star granddad has claimed he still plans to marry his 21-year-old fiance even after she admitted to cheating on him with a younger man on TV.

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Milojko Bozic, 74 and Milijana Bogdanovic, 21, participated in the reality show ‘Parovi’ (‘Couples’) in the capital city of Belgrade in central-northern Serbia, and he was first to leave the house, finishing in last place with his fiance leaving shortly after him. 

Picture Credit: CEN

Bozic blamed his fiance for him finishing in last place, saying her reported infidelity with married contestant Aleksandar Pozgaj, 35, cost her the opportunity to be a “queen of the people”.

He said: “I wanted to show more to the audience, but I couldn’t because of Milijana and Pozgaj. They ruined me! I told her nicely that he only wants to use us and that’s what happened! She stuck to him, but soon understood that he is not as good as she imagined!

“If we both stuck together and showed only our love, she would’ve been a queen among the people and we would have finished in at least third place. 

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“This way she embarrassed herself and me and made a huge stain.”

However, the grandad appeared to confirm he will still marry the young beauty, according to local media.

He said: “I can only forgive her once. Now I will move on after everything she did with Pozgaj. 

Pictures Credit: CEN

“She was like a mother to me, you all know that she took care of me when I had heart surgery. She needs to regain my trust, but we will see how long she will resist and be faithful. I understand her, she is young… Everything will be all right with us, the wedding is in September. 

Twenty-one-year-old Milijana said: “I regret being with Pozgaj. I was in a closed place and that affected my emotions.”

Last month she reportedly confessed she had oral sex with Pozgaj, saying: “We were intimate. We didn’t have classical sex, I satisfied him orally and he did the same. There was also touching and cuddling.

She also said: “Pozgaj’s penis is bigger, but Milojko’s is more beautiful.”

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