Actress Dresses Up As Dancing Uterus For TV Health Show

Story By: Anastasia Smirnova, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@Channel One

An actress has been slammed over a sketch in which she dressed up as a uterus to perform a song and dance routine for a TV show for adults on sexual health while holding balloons representing her ovaries.

Svetlana Galka, 42, wore a bright red-hooded costume and a red balloon representing her ovaries in each hand.

She performs a little dance while singing a song in which she explains the function of women’s reproductive organs.

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Picture Credits: CEN/@Channel One

The actress’s strange performance came as a feature in the ‘Zhit Zdorovo’ (Living Great) show of popular Russian TV doctor Elena Malysheva, 57.

It sparked controversy on social media where shocked online commentators branded it “degrading” and “a case study for psychiatrists”.

Netizen ‘Miru Mir’ said: “OMG, this is completely bonkers!”, while ‘Ruzan Babayan’ asked: “How on earth did they get the actress to agree to that?”

‘Sergeant Fox’ agreed: “This is so shameful”, but ‘Lutik’ argued: “I do not see anything terrible in that. Things should be explained, like children should be spoonfed.”

Malysheva later defended the feature which she said had been designed to educate people in a playful manner.

She said: “We did not violate anyone’s integrity and we told people about a unique organ, one that is divinely beautiful and helps create a child…”

Malysheva also defended Galka and praised her “beautiful costume and great performance”.

Galka came to fame on the Russian parody TV show ‘Bolshaya Raznitsa’ (Big Difference).

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