DENTURE MESS WITH ME: Grandpa Loses Teeth During Street Argument

An elderly man in south-eastern China accidentally brought a hilarious end to an argument he was having when his dentures fell from his mouth and landed on the street.

The man, not named in local media in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, was filmed by an unknown witness as he was bickering with two other men in the street.

But their seemingly heated discussion was cut short as soon as the grandpa angrily opened his mouth to argue back.

The old man apparently got so excited that his dentures came flying out of his mouth and fell on the ground.

And as the two men walk away, the grandpa is forced into a quick truce as he is left behind scouring the pavement for his teeth.

Dentures fly from man’s mouth during argument in Nanchang, Jiangxi in China, undated. The dentures fell on the ground. (Z_z677/AsiaWire)

The witness who filmed the funny street fight later shared the video on Douyin, which is what TikTok is called in China, and netizens seemingly could not stop laughing at it.

User ‘Begonias bloom in winter’ wrote: “I thought the dentures flew off and bit him.”

And user ‘Enthusiastic little king’ commented: “Dentures: You can’t tell him, let me do it.”

Man tries to catch the dentures that fell from his mouth in Nanchang, Jiangxi in China, undated. The elderly man was arguing with another. (Z_z677/AsiaWire)

Another user, ‘Li Ge’, jokingly said: “Long-range weapon launch failed, reloading…”