6 Thugs Pummel And Head Stamp 2 Men In Shopping Centre

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Video Credit: AsiaWire/@infosabah

This is the moment a gang of six thugs pummel two men and leave them lying motionless after stamping on their heads in front of shocked shoppers.

The shocking incident was recorded by an onlooker in a shopping centre in the city of Kota Kinabalu, in north-eastern Malaysia’s Sabah State.

In the video, a gang of six young thugs can be seen beating another young man who is sent crashing to the floor after being hit in the face.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The thugs then begin kicking the man’s head and stamping on him as he lies defenceless on the floor.

One of the thugs then takes a running kick at the victim’s head and he is left motionless on the floor as the gang move on.

They instantly find another victim who they again punch to the floor and begin brutally kicking in front a group of shocked onlookers.

The thugs then return to the first victim and some of them appear to take photos of him lying on the floor.

Local acting police chief George Abd Rakman confirmed the attack took place and said the first victim was 22 years old.

The first victim, who has not been named in reports, reportedly told cops he has no idea why either he or the second victim were attacked.

The second victim has not been identified in reports and the investigation is ongoing. No arrests have been reported.

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