55-Year-Old Actress Expecting Triplets With Toyboy Hubby

A 55-year-old actress who baffled fans by announcing she is pregnant by her toyboy husband more than 30 years her junior has revealed she is expecting triplets.

Alina Lozano and her social media content provider husband Jim Velasquez were married just months ago (November 2023) following a year-long romance.

The pair, from Colombia, took to Instagram to declare that Alina is expecting a baby by 24-year-old Jim in a move that had fans wondering if it was a bizarre prank.

But now it has emerged that not only is the 55-year-old pregnant but she is expecting triplets.

Alina explained that the couple had used in vitro fertilisation, which boosts the chance of having multiple births.

She revealed: “There will apparently be three.”

But Alina appeared to have worried about the news, saying it could wipe them out financially.

Picture shows Alina Lozano and Jim Velasquez, undated. They announced that they will be parents. (@lozanoalina/Newsflash)

She said: “I’m scared because this will be a hard blow to our savings and our pockets will not be deep enough.”

In the earlier announcement of the pregancy the couple stood outside their home, with Alina, one of Colombia’s best-loved actresses, holding a pregnancy test.

Then, as they announced that she was pregnant, Jim made what was clearly a scripted blunder and a laugh at their age gap when he said he was looking forward to welcoming “a younger brother”.

Then, pretending to realise his gaffe, he looked shocked and ran away as Alina chased him.

The couple, who are both actors as well as online content creators, had previously said they would seek fertility treatment to achieve their dream of becoming parents together.

Alina had previously said: “I know what you’re going to start saying, that it’s biologically impossible, that you’re already a grandma, you’re going to be the grandma of that child.

Picture shows Alina Lozano and Jim Velasquez, undated. They announced that they will be parents. (@lozanoalina/Newsflash)

“But well yes, I’m going to be what you want me to be, but for us, it’s my second child and the second of my love.”

And Jim had explained that the positive test came after a run of two disappointments.

He had said: “We are doing our third and final pregnancy test. This time it was Alina who brought the pregnancy test.

“The previous two times it was me who went and bought them, convinced her to take them, but this time she bought it and said she wanted to do it.”

And Alina had revealed that medical tests show her pregnancy is progressing well.

She had said: “I also tell you that the preliminary tests, let’s say, came out quite well.

“So, the doctor says it’s up to nature now.”