Kazakh Woman Sparks Fury Over Pic Sitting On Watermelons

Story By: Anna Guran, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency:Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@eta_astana_detka

A woman in Kazakhstan has sparked controversy over the seemingly harmless act of taking a photo while sat upon watermelons at a market.

The footage was reportedly shot at a market in Astana which is the capital of Kazakhstan.

The person who shot the video and posted online wrote online: “Very cute! I think the photos will be great!” 

But not everyone agreed and it annoyed many people when it was posted online.

Picture Credit: CEN/@eta_astana_detka

Some complained that innocent shoppers would be later buying the watermelons, and would appreciate having the young woman’s backside sitting on it beforehand.

They pointed out that they were on display to sell to eat, not to sit on.

One wrote: “That’s why you need to wash the purchased watermelons even more thoroughly”

Another added: “I wish I could sit on the tomatoes and take a picture.” 

A third suggested that watermelons might be the perfect presents for a girl. 

There are also those that supported the photo shoot, suggesting was better to use a good home-produced product rather than fancy foreign cars, and others suggested it might even have been comfortable.

There were also some that suggested it must have breach the law, and the woman should be reported to police, but when asked for comment by local media they were told there was no law covering sitting on watermelons as being a possible offence. 

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