20yo BMW Driver Slams Into Wall At High Speed

Story By: Amelia Guran, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@ru_chp

This is the moment a 20-year-old BMW driver slams into a shop wall at high speed.

The incident was filmed in the village of Pestretsi in the district of Pestrechinsky located in the south-western Russian republic of Tatarstan at around 11pm.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@ru_chp

According to local media, the unnamed driver was seriously injured in the accident and is being treated in hospital.

He was reportedly accompanied by a 21-year-old passenger who has also been hospitalised with unspecified injuries.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@ru_chp

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the police said that the 20-year-old driver is a repeat traffic offender.

Reports did not mention if the BMW driver was racing another vehicle at the time, although footage shows him speeding alongside a white car in the moments leading up to his crash.

In the clip, a small group of people is seen running out of the way of two approaching cars that are momentarily side-by-side.

As the white car slows down before approaching the junction, the BMW keeps going and slams into a wall at high speed.

According to reports, the police have seized the damaged car and opened an investigation into the accident.

Netizen ‘Alisa Moga’ said: “His brains failed, not the brakes!”

‘Ivan Poliv’ commented: “Tough guys from Pestrechinsky!”

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