Drink-Driver Smashes Unchecked Into Roundabout

Story By: Peotr Tulba, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News


This CCTV image shows the shocking moment a drink driver speeds unchecked into a roundabout, launching his car into the air for 5m as he crashes through obstacles and comes to rest in a car park.

The accident left five cars destroyed and the drink-driver was hospitalised in the city of Belgorod which is in the Belgorod Oblast region of Russia.


The man, who was driving a Renault Duster, is seen in CCTV cameras monitoring the roundabout heading at high speed towards another vehicle that is just about to come onto the roundabout.

Without changing his course or obviously slowing down, the 43-year-old allegedly drunken driver who was not named then hits a traffic island on Makarenko Street shortly before the large roundabout.


The driver then crashes over the roundabout, even visibly bouncing into the air as the car hits obstacles before disappearing off camera as it smashes into a car park.

The footage was shot at midnight on 18th September, with police saying that in the last instant, before the final crash the car had been at least five metres in the air before hitting the parked cars, which included a GAZ-3110, a Kia, a Ford and a Mitsubishi. Fortunately, there were no casualtie.


Police confirmed however that he had been drinking, and that as well as losing his licence he faces a 30,000-RUB (375-GBP) fine.

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