17-Day-Old Boy Youngest To Recover From COVID-19

Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

This is China’s youngest patient to recover from coronavirus symptoms and he was given a clean bill of health before being discharged from hospital at the age of just 17 days.

The girl was placed in quarantine shortly after being delivered her at Hubei Provincial People’s Hospital in COVID-19 Central China’s epicentre Wuhan on 5th February.

Her mum was already a confirmed novel coronavirus carrier at the time of her birth, and the baby was diagnosed with the disease too just four days later at Wuhan Children’s Hospital.

AsiaWire / Wuhan Children’s Hospital

Doctor Zeng Lingkong and his team in the facility’s neonatal ward provided round-the-clock clear for the baby, who was placed in isolation so as not to infect any other children.

Fortunately for the weeks-old infant, she developed none of the more serious symptoms associated with the deadly, pneumonia-like disease.

Doctor Zeng told Chinese state media: “The child was transferred to us on 5th February. Her mum had a chest infection, and she tested positive too after arriving.

“Her heart was a bit weak, but we treated that.

“Because the novel coronavirus is new, it is not entirely clear how newborns are affected. We must also be very careful when administering antiviral drugs to newborns.

“As her condition did not appear to significantly worsen, we did not prescribe any particular antiviral medicines.

“Her treatment was very successful. She had no breathing difficulties, fevers or coughing.

“She remained stable throughout the 16 days of treatment, and has now twice tested negative for the COVID-19.

“She meets the standards for discharge.”

The girl – China’s youngest recovered patient at the time she left hospital at 17 days old – was reunited with her family members on 21st February, although her mother remains in quarantine.

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