15st WeightLoss Pop Idol Star Drops Pants In City Centre

Story By: Alex Cope, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

This star from Germany’s Pop Idol has bravely pulled down her pants and shown off her excess skin in Berlin’s Alexanderplatz in a stand against body-shaming after losing almost 15 stone.

Singer Aline Bachmann, 26, known for her YouTube channel and starring on ‘Germany Seeks A Superstar’ (The German version of Pop Idol), pulled the stunt to show that despite losing almost 100 kilogrammes her body still gets judged.

In the photo, Bachmann can be seen standing in the middle of Berlin’s famous Alxenderplatz with her trousers around her knees and her top pulled up. She is covering her dignity with her arms and showing off the excess skin left after her weight loss.

The singer wrote in the caption: “When I was fat, they turned around and judged and now they judge because of my excess skin. […] They look on contemptuously without any background knowledge. From 196 kilogrammes (432 lbs) to 89 kilogrammes (196 lbs)! An incredible 100 kilogrammes!

“What do you think about the picture? […] Should I surgically remove my sagging skin? […] am already planning the next operations! That is the last hurdle! Abdominoplasty and breast enlargement! Do you know any good doctors?”

Netizens were quick to show their support, with one user writing: “Do whatever makes you happy. If the skin bothers you, remove it. If not, leave it on. We like you too.”

The singer revealed in another post that “everything” in her life had been “about losing weight from an early age”. She says she suffered bullying and food gave her the “love” she never had.

She says she then fell in love with a man who encouraged her to put on weight to make her unattractive to other men, and the more weight she gained the more dependent she became on him.

She separated from her ex in late 2018 and has since undergone surgery coupled with a routine of exercise and dieting. She is hoping to reach her dream weight of 75 kilogrammes (165 lbs).

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