Stunning Iron Barbie Student Bodybuilder Is Online Hit

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A pretty 22-year-old university student has become an online sensation with over 500,000 followers after taking up bodybuilding and becoming known as ‘Iron Barbie’.

Beautiful Cheng Lu started her studies at Shenyang Sport University in the north-eastern Chinese province of Liaoning in 2016.

She was said to be excellent at martial arts, but never thought about bodybuilding.

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One day, Lu attended a bodybuilding contest and was drawn to the participants’ tanned complexions and bulging muscles so she looked into it more.

She started weightlifting and at first nearly gave up after finding the training routines gruelling, however she persevered and now feels guilty if she does not go to the gym every day.

According to Lu, she wakes up at 5am and trains for two hours before going to university.

The ‘Iron Barbie’ then spends three hours in the gym after class.

The 22-year-old has also designed her own range of nutritional meals to obtain the best results.

In a short space of time, the budding bodybuilder has amassed 493,000 followers on the Chinese photo-sharing app Kuaishou.

According to reports, Lu’s parents are proud of her successes and even occasionally go to the gym with her.

Netizen ‘Mu Xin’ commented: “She is so beautiful and strong. The perfect lover.”

‘Xuan Lei0’ said: “Please marry me and promise you won’t beat me up!”

Buli Liang

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